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Consumer Products

Alastair Elgey Cleaning Specialists’s and Nu-life's line of consumer products are designed to help you keep your home looking its best between cleanings. All Alastair Elgey Cleaning Specialists products are engineered to work effectively and in harmony with each other. Unlike the usual “retail” products purchased from the store, which usually contain nothing more than detergents or harmful solvents, these commercial-grade solutions really do work. At Alastair Elgey Cleaning Specialists, we are concerned about the products that you use on your valuable carpet, upholstered surfaces, Stone and Hard surfaces and especially about the safety of the people and pets you care the most about. That’s why we introduced our own line of exclusive products that never use volatile, unsafe, caustic or environmentally dangerous components. The only way to get Alastair Elgey Cleaning Specialists’s consumer products is to be an Alastair Elgey Cleaning Specialists client. That’s why we are in this together, and committed to exceeding our clients expectations one relationship at a time.

Spot Lifter®

Spot Lifter® was introduced in 2002 and remains the most popular consumer product in our company’s history. It is a water based organic stain remover that is completely safe and effective at removing those stubborn food, grease, and typical household stains from carpeted and upholstered surfaces. It comes in a 500 ml bottle with a convenient  trigger sprayer. Spot Lifter® is included free of charge to all Alastair Elgey Cleaning Specialists's residential clients in our Premium Care Package .
Refill Policy: Spot Lifter® is refilled completely free of charge during your next service call. Should you require refills between service calls, then you may contact our corporate offices during normal business hours at 1-800-711-1183 and we will make arrangements to accommodate you as best we can, or you may simply order your refill online using the link provided below. 


Stone Care Products

So, how do you feel about taking a chance with a glass cleaner for your daily maintenance chores?

As a restoration contractor I did witness my good share of permanent damages (mostly pitting or dulling) to “granite” allegedly due to the use of glass cleaners! They don’t happen right away, but they eventually will, if the combination is “right”!

What’s more, if your particular “granite” is a stone that does need to be sealed, the impregnator/sealer itself has a very good chance of interacting with cleaner and get damaged by it!

And, I don’t want even begin to mention marble, travertine, onyx and all other calcite-based stones!

How about a little washing up liquid dish soap and water? Could that damage “granite”?

No, it wouldn’t, but … think about this:

Try to wash your hands with water and washing up liquid, then put them under running water and see how long it’ll take for them to rinse properly. To have such a thorough rinsing (which is the only one acceptable) on your countertop, you should be using a garden hose!

So, what happens if you decide not to use a garden hose to rinse your countertop? It’s very simple: a very thin soap film will remain on the stone surface, even if you dry it with a towel. At the beginning you won’t be able to notice it, but as you keep “cleaning” your countertop in that way, it will build-up and, within a few months, your beautiful stone won’t be as shiny as it used to be anymore!

Assuming that you can figure out what caused it (don’t expect any intelligence from the “expert” who suggested that you use such a home-brewed concoction!), you will have to remove all the soap scum, that is now caked on your countertop, by using a specialized strong chemical.

Then... it starts all over again!

Is this what you want?

There are companies out there that invest considerable amount of money to formulate specialty cleaning agents that are safe on all natural stone, and offer them to the market. Why do they do that if any glass-cleaner or dish soap could do the job?

You think about it.

The idea of having to buy specialty – and somehow expensive – cleaning products for your valuable natural stone installations may be annoying to a certain extent, but is your best bet if you care about your investment. After all, we’re talking about a few pennies a day and potentially huge savings down the road if it saves you just one restoration contract.

It took Mother Nature hundreds of thousands of years to make the things of beauty you proudly have in your home now. There is not one single piece of stone out there that can exactly match any of the stones you have. You have to respect and appreciate that, and not consider your stone like just another commodity. The way I see it, you didn’t actually buy your stone. You adopted it.

You have to consider it as your duty to give it the best care possible
So now we have the products the professionals use, adapted for the home user.

Granite Tech Cleaning Treatment

This highly advanced, unique blend of granite cleaning surfactants & natural stone conditioners is designed to clean and degrease deep into your granite surface, at the same time removing any previous cleaning residues and is food safe.

Granite-Tech Cleaning Treatment instantly dissolves dirt particlesmaking the surface easier to clean and maintain, this unique cleaning product has a built in deoderiser leaving the treated surface smelling clean & fresh.




Is a Granite Moisturiser, Protector & Polish (Food Safe)Granite moisturiser, Protector & Polish is the ultimate in enhancing your stones natural beauty, wether to restore a long lost shine, or as a daily polish keeping your granite looking like new.

This unique treatment will safely produce a high gloss finish to your granite surfaces, working immediately to renew your granites natural colour while applting a totallyfood safe protective treatment to your work surfaces.

Be sure to check out the most extensive list of stain removal tips found anywhere at Vital Tips on this website.



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