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Ever have one of those days?

You have this project. By most standards, a simple project for a professional. You pore over the yellow pages, select a company,and hoping you made the right choice. Then the big event comes. You take the day off from work, or maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom and you get the kids and family pet to some remote location. Hurrying back home you quickly pick up a bit and move some small furniture pieces and vacuum. You’ve worked as fast as you could now finally have time to sit and finish your first cup of coffee. An hour and half past your appointment, you hear this noisy vehicle pull up in front of your house. You peek outside to see this rusty van leaking oil and water all over your driveway. Then you open the door and see “them” standing just outside. Their sloppy, unshaven and frankly a little scary looking. But you proceed despite your better judgment. Feeling stuck with this decision and trapped you just want “them” out of your house and this experience over with.

This kind of scenario unfolds everyday in your neighbourhood. What makes Alastair Elgey Cleaning Specialists so unique and different, and why our customers become such cheerleaders is a simple answer, our people and five absolute truths.

The first truth is, you can trust that our quotations are complete and priced fairly, they're always in writing, and will never contain any hidden surprises.

Secondly, you can trust that you and your home will be treated with the respect and care you expect and deserve.

Third, you can trust that although our equipment and products are very powerful, they’re guaranteed safe for your family, your pets and the environment we both share. 

Fourth, You can trust that we value your time as much as you do. We promise not to take you for granted and call in the event we'll be more than 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment.

Fifth, you can trust our technicians will do the job right the first time. You see, each lead technician is trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, otherwise known as the IICRC. You cannot buy these credentials; you must earn them by classroom and field training, and then pass rigorous examinations. Then and only then are they certified by the most prestigious governing body in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.

Lastly, We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not thrilled with the service experience you recieve from us, we will rush back to your location at no charge and no obligation. If you are still unimpressed, you pay nothing.

“Our mission is to provide you with the most outstanding service experience you have ever recieved!”

Welcome home and thanks for stopping by.

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